about us
Thanks for reading the new Green Country Weekly. We are working hard to make sure you find it interesting, informative and entertaining. When we began this journey we had some certain goals in mind:

• We wanted it to accessible so we made it free. The first several issues we will deliver to all of Miami and you can find us at more than 50 locations throughout Ottawa County. Also you can find the publication content and more free on our Web site greencountryweekly.com

• We wanted it to be interactive so we are working hard to invite readers and community leaders to contribute articles and photographs. After all a good community newspaper works as a forum for its readers and advertisers.

• We wanted to offer the best possible return on investment to our advertisers. We do this through competitive pricing, excellent distribution and a commitment to excellent customer service. So who are we? We are Family Media, a company I started in 1996 after being publisher of the Miami News-Record for six years. Since 1996 we have bought and sold more than 20 newspapers in eight different states. We currently own and manage seven publications, Green Country TV and a newspaper trade magazine. I have been fortunate to have recruited a great staff – folks with real talent. They make my job as publisher easy.

We started Green Country Weekly for a couple of different reasons. We feel we can fill a void in community journalism here at our home. We also want to use the publication to compliment our local television station, Green Country TV. And we have tied it all together with a local Web site greencountryweekly.com.

Since we made it free to our readers we have to pay our way by giving advertisers results – we have to provide a vehicle that makes their cash registers ring.

So we begin this new leg of our journey and we need your help. We need you to share with us your news – life celebrations like births, birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and more. You can mail it or bring it to our office at 215 1st NE. We are located in a renovated church building east of the post office. Or you can email it to


We need you to support our advertisers and do what you can to shop locally. After all, these businesses contribute much to our home.

And this is what we will do for you in return – give you something for free. Maybe you will not be interested in every article, but I suspect you find something in these pages to make it worth your time.You won’t find hard news here, but you will find interesting people features about your neighbors. You won’t find sports stats and stories, but lots of photographs that fit nicely in your scrapbook.

I’m looking forward to the journey. Thanks for reading us.